A glimpse of my Quepasana experience

At the beginning of November I embarked on one of the most transformative experiences of my life so far. I haven’t shared much yet as I’m still integrating, while I contemplate here on the last few days of my 32nd lap around the Sun. ⁣The lessons, the healing, the beauty and all the magic that unfolded with-in and with-out me is beyond words. 10 days of silent meditation is not new to me, I have experienced Vipassana a few times and have received healing and growth from it. ⁣

And with that said, this experience allowed me to reach a whole other level of the journey within. Every cell of my body felt so alive and vibrating at the highest level. I grasp to hold on to the experience, as sometimes it seems like a dream long gone… I am reminded of the core lesson of it all… Anicca!⁣

So, I come back to my breath, enveloped in gratitude for all the codes I received. Deeply grateful for all the healing from this magical land and ocean. Body, mind, and soul. ALIVE! ⁣The beauty of this sacred land is so much more than what the eyes can see! Infinite thanks to all the ancestors and the protectors. ⁣I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and hear her whispers of waves crashing and birds chirping, as the wind gently blows through the palm trees. I am reminded, She’s within me. 🌀⁣

Thank you Quepasana Foundation 🙏🏼
Infinite gratitude 💚