My Story

Hi, my name is Erinda. Welcome to my world!

Yoga has helped me transform my life from barely surviving in a place of darkness to being rebirthed to thrive in an abundance of light. While I still encounter moments of darkness as part of this human life, now I know how to navigate through the lessons I am faced with and find my way back to the light. I am sharing my experience with you to help you remember your own light within.

That light within is the source of your healing and true happiness; Yoga is here to remind us of that.

I first discovered Yoga in my late teens, during a time of personal struggle and darkness. At my first Yoga class I fell asleep in Shavasana – anyone out there relating to this? At first I didn’t think much about the experience. But after that not-so-ordinary “nap”, I found myself going back to Yoga classes wanting to learn more Yoga and something started to shift within me. There was a sense of lightness in my days when I would practice Yoga, and a deep curiosity about it that I could not ignore kept showing up.

The paradigm shift of my inner world had just begun.

Adho Mukha Vrksasana in San Diego California

Over the following decade I experimented with various styles of Yoga, pushing and bending my body any way I could. But every time actual transformation would start to happen inside me, beyond just physical change, I kept finding some internal resistance to pull back from healing, compromising my own progress. This pattern kept repeating and it took me years to even notice it. Then, one day I had a profound experience of pure raw vulnerability where the walls I had build around me for years started to crack and fall apart. After hours of feeling every cell in my body and my soul crying out begging to be loved, I finally came face to face with myself and decided to take ownership of my own healing. Committing to take my first Yoga teacher training came completely natural, as I had always known subconsciously that I was destined to share my Yoga journey with the world.

"The wound is the place where the light enters you." -Rumi

I started the journey of becoming a Yoga teacher through my first training in U.S. learning Hatha Yoga and Positive Psychology. I felt deep resonance with Yoga Philosophy and wanted to learn more in depth at the birthplace of Yoga. So I decided to travel to India to dive deep into the authentic teachings of Yoga at the foothills of the Himalayas. I trained further into Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga, becoming a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher during my time in India. In addition to the various Yoga training programs and continuing education, I spent months of exploring and meditating at ancient spiritual sites in India and around southeast Asia. No matter the amount of training and teaching hours, I am and will always be a student first!

I feel connected more than ever to my ongoing healing journey and soul calling, my Dharma!

While I will always be a devout student, I currently teach Yoga and facilitate Meditation and Sound Healing, primarily in the Austin Texas area as well as online. My teaching styles vary from a Vinyasa dance flow to a meditative mellow Hatha, adjusting to what my students need each time, often incorporating breath-work and other limbs of Yoga. At times I also use Sound Healing with crystal bowls and various sound elements to dive deeper into Meditation and inner-healing work. You can practice with me at various locations throughout the city, as well as in private sessions. When you join a Yoga session with me, you will experience a fluid movement between poses focusing on alignment, strengthening and healing from within, as well as Positive Psychology teachings and Yoga Philosophy to help you gently bend the mind towards a place of light, always ending classes with relaxing meditative Shavasanas. I love seeing my students leave class with a big smile and blissful look. It is in that sight that I know I am making my mark into healing this world one Yoga session at a time.